War Criminals

Avril Haines – Director of National Intelligence

The Director of Intelligence Avril Haines willingly and knowingly has worked at covering up Havana Syndrome and directed energy weapons globally and domestically. She has also declared directed energy weapons as not the cause without providing any evidence. Avril Haines was formerly the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, which had her second in command and working with those who main objective is the secrecy of military missions including Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW). The revelations from previous CIA and military objectives and operations have publicly been proven to be lies, even direct testimonies to congress from former intelligence community members such as James Clapper. Without verifiable or concrete evidence, Avril Haines has spread her false claims across the media spectrum, which without any professionally veracity has already declared the victims of Havana syndrome as delusional and characterized the illness as purely psychosomatic.

Donald J. Trump- 45th President of the United States

President Trump willingly and knowingly has committed many illegal acts of war against United States civilians and people across the entire world, especially the crime of Treason Against the United States of America. By combining with other cabinet and administrative associates, he promoted Seditious acts by offering an act on the Capitol by breaching the walls of Congress. It is likely he is knowledgeable about the military’s use of an active denial system on US civilians and has not taken any action to ban such use of torture against civilians. He has also promoted the idea of the US military using torture for any person it deems necessary.

Mark Esper- Secretary of Defense

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper willingly and knowingly has acted on the behalf of the defense contractor Raytheon as a lobbyist, which has created directed energy weapons for the military specifically to be used on civilians. His conflict of interest has placed America civilians life in danger, while he profits from the stock sales of a public company. The use of torture via directed energy weapons has destroyed the livelihood of many Americans, some who are unaware that an active denial system is being used on them for a covert genocide operation run by the military. Making money from the torture of civilians should be a serious war crime, if it isn’t already.

Dr. James Trebes– Principal Director for Directed Energy

Dr. James Trebes who is the Principal Director for Directed Energy Weapons has willingly and knowingly engaged in torture of United States civilians via the directed energy weapons program he oversees. He has not only been an enigmatic figuire for the development of these dangerous experimental weapons, but has undoubtedly organized or participated in the planned use for these futurist weapons with the Air Force. He must also possess knowledge of the microwave hearing weapons used by the Air Force PsyOps 193rd Group to attack subjects using these voice-to-skull weapons to harrass and torture it’s victims. Dr. James Trebes also must have worked with the National Guard in the near-deployment of directed energy weapons on peaceful protestors outside the White House on June 1st, 2020.

Gina Haspel- Director of the CIA

Gina Haspel has earned the nickname the “Queen of Torture” for her role in pushing the use of “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”, another euphemism for torture, which was used on prisoners of Guantanamo Bay and secret CIA blacksites across the world. It appears she willingly and knowingly has now virtualized torure in the form of directed energy weapons and microwave hearing weapons that are being used remotely on innocent United States citizens. Many who are targeted with these weapons will tell you how it as bad as, if not worse than the torture that the prisoners of Gitmo and blacksites had experienced. After leaked information lead to her being named as the employee of the CIA who promoted torture techniques, she has done nothing or even made a statement considering the end of torture being used by the US military. She also was caught clapping at President Trump’s State of the Union address, something very unusual for a typically non-partisan role, which proves that she actively still promotes corruption and warfare methods that are clearly against the US constitution.